"Artlandia: art, culture, community" is a grass roots
 arts initiative established in 2010 in Johnson City, TN.

Our Mission

"You must do the thing you think you cannot do."
- Eleanor Roosevelt

What We've Achieved

Project 1

Artlandia: An Arts and Crafts Peep Show.

It is an annual arts and crafts show, in it's 7th year, where 30-50 dedicated artisans present work for sale during the Christmas holidays. This show has also housed additional art programming. One year, 12 K-12th grade artists submitted 100 pieces of artwork which was on display only. And, this past 2015 show, an environmental art installation was installed with 11 bike art silhouettes (Phase 1 of the Bike Art project - see below) were presented.


Project 2

2-phase Bicycle art project

Phase 1:
"Tread on this..."bike art project.
11 bike silhouettes 5'w x 3'h produced by 28 artists.
Bikes have rotated in 19 businesses.
Bikes for sale $500/each
(50% proceeds of sale for
artist and 50% towards the
2nd phase of project).      

Phase 2:
Bicycle-inspired public work of art slated for Veteran's Park - next to South Side Elementary School, in The Tree Streets Neighborhood, Johnson City, TN. A $14,500 artist fee has been raised. Project installation and completion, May 2018

Project 3

3rd YUM-YUM: The Power of the Bite.

A fund raising food-tasting event. The 3rd YUM-YUM is scheduled for Thursday, March 24, 2016 where proceeds for this event go towards the 2nd phase of the bicycle-inspired public work of art for The Tree Streets Neighborhood.

Project 4

New this year in 2016! FREE RANGE ART - a K-12 art program.

1) Public art programs produce a bicycle art wheel:

Children to produce art for display to sale in a gallery.
This program is an introduction to the gallery business system.
This year's show, children will produce art using a real bicycle wheel which will displayed to sell at this year's YUM-YUM event. Their art to be on display for 1 month at Nelson Fine Art Center.  Proceeds for the sale of the project will benefit their specific art program. Six out of the 12 Johnson City public art programs concluded with all children's bicycle art wheels being sold. 100% of the proceeds given to the schools PTA's designated for their art programs.

2) "Black Rot Beautiful" - Celebrating the cycle of life - a temporary creative outdoor project (see video above)

A local tree on private residential property has contracted black rot and is destined to be removed in Spring 2017. Virginia Buda is providing an opportunity to teach children to celebrate the cycle of life by freely and creatively using a variety of materials on the tree - paint, baubles, yarn, ribbon and duct tape - to honor the tree's life by enhancing it's beauty. 


Project 5


I recently produced an art project to benefit WETS Public Radio. Circus themed keg painted for sale at SuperFly Fabulous productions at multiple craft beer festivals. The tax deductible purchase goes to fund WETS Public Radio.