About Virginia Salazar-Buda

va buda_april 2015_45 yrs old.jpg

Virginia Salazar-Buda...Who is she? 

I am a "glass is half full" energetic type of person that desires to create positive life experiences in and outside of my career (don't let the above photograph fool you...I actually laugh quite a bit). And, with over 10 years of experience in marketing, public relations, advertising, graphic design and project and event creation, I enjoy advocating for education, which comes in a variety of forms.

Here are some points to consider about how I work and who I am.

  • Advocating for education
    (lower, higher and everything
    in between).
  • Exploring options and possibilities (there are many)
  • Encouraging engagement
    (it does take a tribe)
  • Creative problem solving
    (Did I mention that it does
    take a tribe?)
  • Commitment to a work ethic
    (genetics and environment
    do play a roll)

The bigger picture when producing graphic design work is understanding a client's needs. In other words, I'm a reader, a researcher, a question "ask-er" and a natural advocate for you and your services. I am also unwilling to "throw something together" - via graphic design - to get you out of my hair. See...I do want you in my hair...frolicking about so that we can both be proud of our end result...together. And, if someone doesn't bother PICKING IT UP or READING IT UP or DOING IT UP (as in the materials that we produce together), than why bother spending time, energy and dollars for your project. If we are going to jump off the advertising bridge together, than let's do it purposefully. Isn't that why you are hiring me? Hope so. 

I'm also open to creative suggestions and critiques (yes, I do have a tough skin) and can inject humor on even the most serious moments, however, at the end of the day, life is way too short to not have a good laugh. And, laughing is something that I cherish most in this lifetime. Find time to laugh today. It will make you feel better.

Thanks for reading. Cheers! -V