Virginia Salazar Buda 

CREATE • produce • deliver


I have several years of communication and marketing experience through program and project creation, management and execution.

8 years of arts, community, business and education advocacy

10+ years of COMMUNICATIONS, MARKETING and design

MARKETING SKILL SET and work process:

  1. listening to a client’s objectives

  2. reading a client’s materials

  3. providing client feedback for advertising and marketing strategic purposes

  4. developing concepts for advertising and marketing objectives (inception to completion)

  5. program and project creation and management of objectives

  6. graphic design (print and electronic)

  7. public relations

  8. event management

Other considerations:

  1. A self-directed employee who works and manages projects independently and in a team environment where collaboration and communication is important

  2. A driven, proactive and resourceful strategic planner with a successful project track record

  3. Grant writing (2 - Tennessee Arts Commission awards earned)

  4. Ability to work with a wide variety of personalities

  5. Bilingual (English, Spanish)