is one of the many floaters in your Yum-Yum stew. Come on, stir the $7,500 pot. is a website that showcases what a grass roots
arts initiative looks like. It's also a visual reminder and encouragement that your unique art vision does not have to adhere to someone else’s organized and established mission.
In other words, striking out on your own, is tough business.
And, it's a business, whether you generate personal profit
or not, that is full of surprises.

Most of the surprises that I have encountered, by creating
my own arts initiative, is observing people and their behavior including my own. Goodness gracious...we humans are a rather interesting and complicated lot. Seven years of observation
and a few art projects later, was added to the pot. was also created to show what a “dreamer“ can accomplish if the “doer of the dream“ can surface from the shadow of their own life. And, what has developed from this experience is the cornerstone of my work process which is
called “choose the build-up, not the tear down.” It’s a straight-forward and idealistic notion that stems from the idea that everyone, regardless of their own unique experiences and limitations, has an opportunity to contribute and encourage
each other positively - all of the time - “the build up.” There is also the “tear down” which is unfortunately part of our humanness that is tricky to comprehend, accept and manage. We have all contributed to “building up and tearing down” others and their process. If we collectively agreed to chose the "build up" - imagine what amazing support systems we can be for each other. And, imagine the art opportunities that would present themselves that may not happen otherwise.

Choose the build up, not the tear down.

Be a part of the story and come join us at the 3rd annual YUM-YUM: The Power of the Bite on Thur, Mar 24 at Nelson Fine Art Center. Proceeds of this fund raiser towards the Bike Art Project. Tickets $20 (advanced)/$25 week-of event.

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